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Meet Your Herbalist:

Angela Joyce

Angela is an Herbalist whose mission is to bridge the gap between old medicine and modern medicine. Opening V. V. Alchemy she is able to provide Medicinal Products to stimulate the body's own healing process. V. V. Alchemy was established in 2021 with one mission: to source the highest quality herbs and create medicine that allows us to all become more involved with our own well-being. 


She seeks to assist you with customized remedies to balance Mind, Body, & Spirit while using nothing but the best All Natural, Organic, & Sustainable sources to cultivate optimum health. She combines the health benefits of Yoga, Herbalism, Reiki & Meditation to support optimum wellness.


Before devoting herself full time to V. V. Alchemy, Angela spent 15 years working in Emergency Rooms from California to Massachusetts. This unique skill set has allowed Angela the opportunity to have full integration into the understanding of both modern and alternative medicine practices.


In addition to herbalism, Angela has taken a deep dive study into Reiki and Energetic healing techniques. Things to look out for in the near future here at AcuPunkture Clinic include but are not limited to:


  • Chakra Alignment and cleansing.

  • Crystal Healing Sessions  

  • Crystal Light Therapy Bed

  • Reiki Healing

  • Children’s Yoga

  • Prenatal Yoga/Herbalism Per Trimestester in small group sessions 


Angela is currently becoming certified as a Doula, having delivered babies in a hospital setting, she is enthusiastic about assisting mothers with each phase of their pregnancy including the 4th trimester, postpartum phase. 


Outside of healing work,  Angela is a very busy mother of two to a 10-year-old and a toddler. She enjoys taking her children on nature walks and discovering all that Mother Nature has to share. Angela loves spending time with her husband and they are currently working on the launch of a small family run C.S.A, Forget me Knot Farm.

(508) 964-3888

200 N Main St Attleboro MA 

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