V.V. Alchemy

A Holistic Herbal Practitioner specializing in Mind & Body Alternative Medicine Practice.

At V.V. Alchemy, our mission is to provide Medicinal Products to stimulate the body's own healing process. We use nothing but the best All Natural, Organic, & Sustainable sources to cultivate optimum health. We combine the health benefits of Yoga, Herbalism, Reiki & Meditation to support optimum wellness.

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Sleep Aids 




The Moon Phase Collection

Balancing Rocks

About V.V. Alchemy

Who We Are

V.V. Alchemy was established in 2021 with one mission: to source the highest quality herbs and create medicine that allows us to all become more involved with our own well being. We strive for ingredients that can work in harmony with your body custom to you and your health, while cultivating a lifestyle that leaves a strong impact of being intune with your overall health and wellness. We seek to assist you with balance of Mind, Body, & Spirit.

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