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Moon Phase Collection ~Tincture

Moon Phase Collection ~Tincture


Available in Tincture & Gummy Form.


This is essencial to the Moon Phase Collection. This tincture assists with soothing and cooling for those painful times of the month. This formula with Cramp Bark and Motherwort, helps ease the discomforts that occur before and during menstrual cycle, such as menstrual and uterine cramps, heavy bleeding and muscle tension. It supports an easier flow, allowing you to breathe and rest, and this blend pairs great with The Moon Phase Collection~Lady Tea.

Cramp bark, as implied in its name, is excellent for relieving cramps and is commonly used to ease spasmodic uterine pain because it both relaxes and tones the uterus. Cramp bark is a main ingredient in any formula involving uterine tension release. 


Motherwart - As an emmenogogue, Motherwort acts as a uterine tonic which helps to regulate menstruation, bring on delayed periods and can reduce smooth muscle cramping – particularly menstrual cramps.Motherwort can also help relieve premenstrual tension and discomfort. Most menstrual cramps are partially due to inadequate circulation in the pelvis. Motherwort may help calm menstrual pain by both reducing spasms in the uterus and improving blood flow to the pelvis.


Lady's Mantle - Helps relieve mild aches and pains during menstruation, able to stop spotting between periods and lessening excessive menstrual bleeding. Lady's mantle has astringent qualities so it is useful for loose stools which tends to be common amongst menstruation.


Red clover Tops - Contains active phytoestrogens that bind with endogenous estrogen receptors. It can be used as a tonic for menopausal women to help reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flashes. Red clover also helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and to prevent and treat vaginal dryness and osteoporosis. 


Red Raspberry Leaf - Commonly used to strengthen the uterine muscles. The raspberry leaf is used often for PMS relief easing period pains and can control heavy menstrual bleeding. 


Rose Hips - Loaded with vitamin C, Rose Hips help reduce cramping, aid with reduction in Osteoporosis, 


Skullcap - In this blend, aids with that feeling of anxiousness that can sometimes come with PMS symptoms. This reduces PMS symptoms, helps sleep at night, 








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  • Ingredients

    (Leonurus cardiaca) Motherwort, (Alchemilla) Lady's Mantle, (Rubus idaeus) Red Raspberry Leaf,  (Viburnum opulus) Cramp Bark, (Angelica sinensis) Dong Quai, (Rosa canina L.) Rose Hips, (Trifolium pratense) Red Clover Tops, (Scutellaria) Skullcap, Grain Alcohol.

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